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About The Sage Soapbox

The Sage Soapbox was founded in 2004, by Misty Gregg as a platform to share health education information that inspires others to discover a holistic approach to health through good nutrition and lifestyle changes.  Misty decided to take charge of her own health after suffering with fibromyalgia and a brain tumor, which lead her to many hours of self-study on optimal health.  The Sage Soapbox works with other health practitioners to spread knowledge about how to create a healthier life through good nutrition and lifestyle. Once Misty got on her soapbox, she’s never gotten off! 

Misty has a bachelor’s degree from Radford University and spent over 20 years working in business management accounting positions, as well as owning a bookkeeping/staffing business for several years before she became passionate about good health. Misty has also built a solid residual income from a wellness company she believes offers the best nutritional supplements on the market. Misty continues to passionately build the Sage Soapbox through a worldwide network of healthy like-minded individuals. 



Health & Wellness Coaching

Weight Loss

Healthy Cooking 


Sports Nutrition


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